Western Michigan Body Building Winner.

Leland Pavlinac.


“For me, it all started with a vision. I knew exactly what I wanted to become, I just didn’t know how to create it. This was about junior year of high school. Growing up I always had an interest in sports such as basketball and skateboarding, but it wasn’t until I picked up a weight that I found my true passion.

The next five years of my life until now consisted of experimentation, observation, and effort driven by nothing but passion. Every day was a chance for me to improve upon myself and my physical form. At 19 I participated in my first bodybuilding competition and got a unanimous first place in each of the four categories I participated in. But now I’m on to bigger things.

Competing is cool but I don’t like to compare myself to others. I don’t see myself as better than anyone for any reason, I just think my keen sense of observation and application is what separates me from everyone else?

I began as nothing more than an athletic kid from Michigan until I became dedicated to weights and aesthetics. But now fitness is so much more to me. I strive not to look good but to become the absolute most powerfully complete version of myself.

I still lift weights, but that’s not it. I strive to incorporate every single form of exercise and healthy practice into my protocols to create a holistic form of overall well being. I have worked with several individuals who went on to win competitions but mostly I focus on changing an individual’s life for the better. Through whatever form it may be.

I also really enjoy traveling and all types of photography as I believe appreciation for the world around you is the truest form of mental health. Hopefully we can work together to explore all this world has to offer for us by becoming the greatest versions of ourselves.”



"It is all up to you. You decide"-Leland Pavlinac